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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- Elsa (Evening)

As I build my Disney Bounding outfits I am getting more and more excited about actually wearing them! Then I worry a bit about breaking in a bunch of new shoes, but that's a whole different thing.

The best thing about this Disney Bounding adventure is that not only have I created 10 outfits on a very reasonable budget, I have only purchased things I will actually wear again frequently. For once, I feel like I can indulge my passion for Disney without throwing money away. I mean, of course I want to buy that awesome sweatshirt with the Maleficent horns on the hood, but will I wear it outside of Orlando or Anaheim? Truthfully, I will not. I know some of you would, but I wouldn't so I'm stuck with a $50 sweatshirt I can only wear a few times of year, at most. With Disney Bounding, I get to indulge without guilt! It's like calorie-free chocolate.

My next outfit is my Elsa outfit for evening. This is a cute, comfy dress that I got on clearance from Kohl's and a sparkly belt from Wal-Mart. I technically could have gotten away without the belt but I thought the dress needed something. I'm reusing my shoes from the Hades and Elsa daytime outfits, so this was a really affordable look!

Here is what I spent:

  • Dress: $11.58 at Kohls

  • Belt: $9.00 at Wal-Mart

  • Jewelry: $8.00 at Clothes Mentor

  • Shoes: $39.99 at DSW

The total cost for this outfit was $68.57 but, as we've discussed before, this is the cost if I bought these pieces for this outfit only. The jewelry and shoes are both being used multiple times. Plus, the shoes were an item I needed to buy anyway to replace a pair of flats that had finally given up the ghost. So, in reality, this outfit cost me $20.58!

I love that you can Disney Bound no matter how much money you have to spend! Keep an eye out for my last two characters -- Dr. Facilier and Jack Skellington. These are some of my best outfits yet!

See ya real soon!

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