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Let the Disney Bounding Begin! Sailing Away With Hades

I'm sailing away...FINALLY! It seems like I've been planning this trip (and these outfits) forever. I'm so excited to set sail on the Disney Magic today! I'm almost as excited to finally wear my Disney Bounding outfits. Since I'm not usually the kind of person who spends more than 5 minutes putting together an outfit, it's pretty exhilarating to have things all planned out down to the jewelry.

My first outfit is my Hades daytime look. This is one of my favorites since it came directly out of my closet. Other than some sparkly shoes (which I adore) and a blue flame necklace I got off Etsy (Is my hair out?) everything else was already mine. I love the feeling of taking what I have and actually making something better than I might normally wear.

Here is my interpretation of Hades. What do you think? Do I evoke the Lord of the Underworld?

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