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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- Hades (Evening)

Today's Disney Bounding on a Budget outfit is my Hades outfit for dinner on our cruise. I love this outfit because it's comfortable and easy to wear, yet the shape and colors really evoke Hades. I went for the blue dress here (rather than gray) because it really has a Hades "feel" when it's on, Paired with the sparkly gray shoes and scarf and this adorable blue flame necklace I found and it feels like I could rule the Underworld!

The cost of this outfit was really manageable and I will wear everything again. In fact, several of the items will be worn for other Disney Bounding outfits on this cruise!

The only thing I spend a fair bit of money on was the shoes but there's a good reason. I wear silver flats and the pair I had wore out and I was looking to replace them. Since I wear these shoes nearly every day, I wanted to buy a high quality pair that would last.

The total cost of this outfit is $71.37 but please don't be put off by that. I'm still bounding on a budget! As I mention here, many of these items will be reused in other Bounding outfits on this cruise (not to mention becoming everyday clothes once my cruise is over) so that my overall cash outlay is kept to a dull roar.

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