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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- The Outfits

Originally, I wasn't going to reveal my Disney Bounding outfits until I was on my cruise. The idea was that I would hold a fun contest where you all guessed the character I was Bounding. However, there has been so much interest in my Disney Bounding on a Budget that I decided to share the outfits -- and the cost to put them together -- before I set sail. Don't worry, there will still be a fun contest. I just haven't worked that out yet. :)

As I put together each outfit in its entirety, I will post a picture as well as the cost for each item. Now, sometimes the cost per outfit is going to seem high, but there are some things to consider:

  • Many items will be reused. I deliberately chose characters with similar color palettes to help with the budget. Having similar colors allows me to reuse items. So, while I am counting the cost of each item as though it were purchased for one outfit only, that is not the case. I will do a final "recap" blog where I total up everything I actually spend. (If you need the original concept for my Disney Bounding on a Budget, click here).

  • Some items I needed anyway. There are a few items that are actually part of my daily wardrobe that needed to be replaced, such as my silver flats. In these cases, I opted for higher quality (read: more expensive) items since I would be wearing these frequently in the course of my daily life. You could purchase less expensive items if you will be wearing them only occasionally.

  • Some things I just wanted. I splurged a few times on accessories because I really wanted them even though I had something in my closet that would already work. I note in these entries where I could have saved some money but didn't. :)

I hope you enjoy seeing what I put together. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Happy Bounding!

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