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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- Elsa (Daytime)

I'm so excited! Just about all the pieces of my Disney Bounding outfits have come in and I am ready to rock and roll! I am having more fun with this than I ever imagined (and I've gotten some really great additions to my wardrobe, too!). Better still, by shopping consignment stores and eBay, using found money such as Kohl's cash and raiding my closet, I've kept the cost to a minimum!

Today, I'm excited to share with you my Elsa outfit for daytime. This is probably one of my favorite outfits. It really "feels" like Elsa and it's so cute and comfy. And it has silver sneakers, so there's that!

The best part about this outfit is that it is so comfortable that I know it will be a springtime staple for me! So, how much did this awesomeness cost? Let's look:

  • Shirt: $0 I already had this in my closet

  • Pants: $8.95 from Kohl's. I used my Kohl's cash to get the pants for free but had to pay shipping

  • Silver Sneakers: $0 I used Kohl's cash to pay for these in full.

  • Snowflake Jewelry: $8.00 at Clothes Mentor

  • Snowflake Hair Pins: $0 Scavenged from my daughter's Elsa costume

The grand total for this outfit was $16.95! I actually probably could have skipped the snowflake jewelry to save even more money but I loved it and am using it for my Elsa evening look, too!

So, for less than $20 I created a really cute Disney Bounding look and I have some awesome new pants and sneakers that I will be wearing endlessly!

Since I've got all my accessories in hand, keep watching for posts about my other Disney Bounding outfits on a budget! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to participate in a fun Disney Bounding contest while I'm onboard the Disney Magic!

See ya real soon!

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