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Disney Bounding on a Budget -- Hades (Daytime)

As my Disney cruise gets closer I am getting more and more excited about Disney Bounding! I really love the outfits I've put together and I'm just overall impressed with myself. As I've mentioned, I'm the woman who buys the exact outfit off the mannequin because I suck at mix and match. Apparently, when I have some inspiration, I can do a pretty good job! I think I may have to carry this over to my regular shopping, but I digress...

Today I am sharing with you my daytime look for Hades. This is one of my favorite outfits for two reasons: First, it's super easy and comfortable. I would absolutely wear this on any random Tuesday. Second, other than the shoes and the necklace, I had everything else in my closet! Add to that the fact that the shoes I bought were replacements for my favorite worn-out flats (which means I would have bought them regardless) and I really paid just $5 for the necklace including shipping!

I also think this outfit has a serious Hades feel which makes me happy!

As you can see, it's really just a simple dark blue shirt with gray jeans and some sparkly gray/silver shoes. The colors say "Hades" and the accessories seal the deal!

I particularly love the flame necklace that I found on Etsy for $5 (including shipping). I can practically hear Hades saying, "Is my hair out?"

99% of this outfit came out of my closet and jewelry box so the it was very budget friendly. Here's the breakdown:

  • Navy Shirt: Free from my closet

  • Gray Jeans: Free from my closet

  • Flame Necklace: $5.00 from Etsy

  • Earrings: Free from my jewelry box

  • Gray and Blue Bracelet: Free from my jewelry box

  • Shoes: $39.99 from DSW

The total cost for this outfit was $44.99 but the shoes are being used in several outfits and I would have bought them even I wasn't Disney Bounding because I needed new silver shoes. So, really, this outfit cost me $5! Now, that's Disney Bounding on a budget!

More outfits are on the way, so stay tuned!

See ya real soon!

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