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Are These Destinations on Your Bucket List? Here's How to See Them!

How many times has your bucket list become the 'later' list? The 'once I have more time and money' list? The 'eventually' list or 'someday' list? Let's put away those other labels - it's time to make something on your bucket list happen. Here are a few of our top bucket-list destinations, and our recommended ways to see them!


Take in the majesty of stunning views, incredible wildlife, and unspoiled natural vistas with an adventure to the beautiful landscapes of Alaska! With opportunities to see awe-inspiring glaciers as well as the pristine wilderness of Alaska's national parks, a visit to Alaska is the perfect adventure to check off your bucket list.

For seeing everything the best of what Alaska has to offer, especially for views of the glaciers, we recommend our preferred cruise lines. In particular, Princess Cruises has over 50 years of experience sailing to Alaska, and offer a wide variety of itinerary options for seeing the many glaciers of Alaska. Princess Cruises also offer plenty of opportunities for guests to get to now Alaska. Princess Cruises offers an incredible array of shore excursions, whether you're interested in fishing, spotting wildlife, whitewater rafting, or exploring Alaska's native and gold rush history. Princess Cruises also brings the Alaska experience onboard. Guests can experience the history, culture, and adventure of Alaska with Princess Cruises' North to Alaska program. You can experience everything from watching lumberjacks in action, hearing from National Parks specialists, attending talks from native Alaskans, and meeting the next sled dog class with Puppies in the Piazza.

The Caribbean

If your bucket list involves white sand beaches, crystal blue waves, and relaxing in the sun, then you need to be on your way to the Caribbean! With an incredible variety of beautiful islands to explore, the Caribbean is a destination that can be revisited again and again.

There's more than one way to take in the beauty of the Caribbean. One of the most popular is to stay at one of the Caribbean's many all-inclusive resorts. Our top recommendation is the couples-only Sandals Resorts and their family-friendly Beaches Resorts. Just about everything you could imagine for you to enjoy your Caribbean bucket list vacation is included, from an average of a dozen dining options along with top-shelf spirits, to included water sports, to luxurious accommodations.

If you're not sure which Caribbean island you'd like to visit and want to get a taste of several, another great option is to opt for a Caribbean cruise. Cruise ships serve as your floating hotel, so you can visit multiple destinations while only unpacking once, and many itineraries offer a taste of several of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands. Plus, cruising also includes so much in the fare, from dining to entertainment to accommodations.


Experience the diverse culture, enchanting landscape, and fascinating history of Hawai'i! On these magical islands, you'll find everything from outdoor adventure to unique cuisine to music and dance festivals to awe-inspiring natural wonders.

And how do we recommend seeing these islands? By cruise! Cruising is an incredible value for a vacation with so much included in your cruise fare, and it can be an especially great value when cruising to Hawai'i with Norwegian Cruise Line! Norwegian Cruise Line is the only cruise line that can offer inter-island Hawai'i cruises, visiting four islands in a seven-night cruiseHawai'i itineraries are offered all year round with Norwegian Cruise LineThe Pride of America, which sails to Hawai'i exclusively, includes many Hawai'i-specific activities onboard, as well as incredible shore excursions to make the most of your time in portOvernights are offered in some of the ports, totaling in nearly 100 hours of port time, allowing you plenty of time to experience the sights and culture of Hawai'iCruising includes all of your transportation between the islands and dining, and can be an incredible value for Hawai'i, which otherwise requires purchasing inter-island flights, and doesn't offer all-inclusive resorts.


There's something undeniably enchanting about Europe - ancient and medieval cities, unparalleled art and history museums, charming villages and breathtaking landscapes, as well as delicious cuisine and fine wines. Europe has so much to offer, and such an exciting variety of culture, history, landscapes, and food to discover. There's so much to take in when traveling to Europe that it can be difficult to know where to start. While there are many different ways to see Europe, here are some of the best ways to truly experience Europe with no stress or hassle.

River Cruising: River cruising allows you to experience your destination in ways no other vacation can! Cruise into the heart of the cultural, historical, and gastronomical centers of Europe, and marvel at the stunning landscapes from the comfort of your stateroom. A river cruise brings you on an amazing journey that's far more than just a vacation - it's a voyage of cultural and artistic discovery!

Ocean Cruising: Explore the breathtaking coastlines and ports of Europe with a European cruise! With itineraries including everything from the stunning Mediterranean to awe-inspiring Norwegian fjords, an ocean cruise allows you to experience some of Europe's most beautiful destinations - and you only have to unpack once!

Adventures by Disney: When it's time to explore the world, it's time for Adventures by Disney. With incredible itineraries throughout Europe featuring VIP-access, 5-star service, and stress-free travel, Adventures by Disney is the only choice for amazing family adventures. Be ready to enjoy incredible hands-on and exclusive experiences such as an after-hours tour of the Vatican Museum, an exclusive wine tasting in a royal wine cellar in Paris, and a private lunch at Floors Castle in Scotland. With both family-friendly and adults-only departures, Adventures by Disney is the perfect vacation for every family.

Galapagos Islands

There are few places in the world more diverse and unique than the Galapagos Islands. The archipelago of 18 major islands islands offers extraordinary wildlife and plant life, and are best known for their influence on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Its isolated location is home to many diverse species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

The Galapagos Islands are an extraordinary destination, and if you're ready to explore these incredible islands, you'll want to visit with the experts. Celebrity Cruises have 14 years of experience in the Galapagos Islands, and this spring, they will debut the first ship created specifically for visiting these amazing islands: Celebrity Flora. Celebrity Cruises offers a truly all-inclusive Galapagos Islands experience, with everything on board from meals to drinks to gratuities included.

To give you the most complete experience of the island possible, you also have access to unique excursions led by expert naturalists to uncover the best of each island - and it's all included! Take in the extraordinary living laboratory of flora and fauna that exist nowhere else on Earth and discover what makes the Galapagos Islands so unique, while enjoying the modern luxury, all-inclusive convenience, and local expertise of Celebrity Cruises.

Ready to check something off your bucket list? Contact one of our experts!

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